If contemplating booking a session with us this year we have a few FAQs.

Q. Can 2 guests go out at the one time on a tour?
A. Generally no unless it is 2 children, this is due to weight limitations and room on our tour cart to have a comfortable ride and an immersive experience.

Q. I want to book an afternoon session time
A. We only run an afternoon session time (1.00pm) during the months of June, July and August and are weather dependant - if temperatures are too warm sessions may need to be cancelled.

Q. Do you have accomodation on site?
A. No sorry, at this stage we don't have accomodation on site. There are AirBnB's within a 15 to 20 minute drive from us, or a private campsite may be booked at the River's Edge Camping Ground for tour guests only, but must supply own van / tents *the camp ground is closed for general camping over the winter months. Booking a campsite can be done with us at the time of booking your sled dog tour session - normal camp fees apply

Q. What age must participants be to take part.
A. We cater for all ages from 2 years and up.

Q. I have physical limitations and use a wheelchair.
A. If you have the capacity to sit unaided and can manage to get into our tour cart then there are no barriers to taking a tour with us. We also have all access toilets on site.

Q. I have a large group, can we do a group booking?
A. We limit numbers for our group bookings - 12 people would the absolute maximum and only for our Sled Dog Experience Session - We do not take group bookings for our Forest Adventure Tours.

Q. How long is the ride?
A. We wish to say here that the ride itself is just one component of what we offer as part of a session. Our Sled Dog Experience Session is just that - to be exposed to working dogs doing what they love with a fast paced sled dog ride. Our Forest Adventure Tour is a much longer ride. Due to the length of the ride we need to bring in seperate sled dog teams to run if doing more than one Forest Tour in one session - our dogs are not machines - what they do must be enjoyable for them, and we will never compromise on that.

Q. How do I book, I notice I can't do it on your website.
A. Bookings must be made directly through us - Email is preferred for booking your tour session with us...

EMAIL: sleddogadventurestasmania@gmail.com

Once a date is confirmed we request a deposit to lock that booking in for you, fully refundable if we need to cancel for any reason.